Tips for Storing and Using a Fire Extinguisher in Your Home

A fire extinguisher is an important safety device to have in your home. You might stop a fire from doing serious damage if you have an extinguisher and use it properly. A fire can triple in size in about a minute, so the sooner you put it out, the less damage it will do. Here are a few tips on keeping a fire extinguisher in your home and using it properly.

What To Consider Before Building A New Addition Onto Your Home

Before you can build a new addition onto your home, you must consider a few factors. By understanding these aspects, you can avoid some major issues that could develop over the coming years.  Excavation One of the most important steps to take before building anything is to make sure the excavation is done properly. Removing the right amount of soil is essential for creating a solid base for the foundation.

Four Suggestions For Dealing With Construction Waste

Construction work tends to generate a lot of waste, but much of this waste can easily be recycled with some planning and foresight. Recycling construction materials is not only good for the environment, but it can also save money for contractors and others who engage in construction and remodeling projects frequently. If you're interested in bin rental because you're going to be recycling some construction materials, you can keep the following four tips in mind to make the most of your recycling efforts:

Portable Toilet Maintenance Tips For Job Sites

Restroom facilities can be hard to come by on an undeveloped job site. Whether you are working a crew in an oil field or putting up new construction in a rural area, the right type of portable restroom paired with proper maintenance and cleaning can save you headaches while also keeping your crew happy. The following tips can help. #1: Choose the Right Unit Standard outhouse style portable restrooms are sufficient for fair weather, short-term projects, but they aren't as well-suited for longterm projects or those that continue well into the winter months.

A Simple Checklist To Help You Achieve The Most Effective Bottle Drive Fundraising Event

One fundraising opportunity that will is lucrative without depending on donations or purchases is the bottle drive. By collecting bottles from willing participants, you can trade bottles in at a bottle return recycling center and collect as much as ten cents per bottle, depending on where you live.  Even though hosting a bottle drive is a simple way to raise cash fast, there is a simple checklist you should keep in mind to help you get the most from your efforts.