4 Ways to Camouflage the Rental Dumpster at Your Upcoming Family Reunion in the Park

Family reunions are important because they offer loved ones the opportunity to share memories, reconnect with one another, and practice traditions that should be passed down for generations to come. In addition to planning a full day of fun for your guests to enjoy, you have to think about how you'll keep things clean and tidy.

Renting a dumpster for the event is an excellent way to ensure that there is somewhere for all the garbage to do, small or large, so it doesn't end up on the ground or sit in a trash bag that's scattered on the grounds somewhere. Luckily, you won't have to worry about the dumpster being an eyesore with the help of these camouflaging ideas:  

Create an Information Station

An excellent way to take attention away from the fact that there's a dumpster at the family reunion is to make use of the exterior dumpster walls to hang important information up that your guests will find helpful when it comes to getting the most out of the day's festivities. You can hang a large poster board on the dumpster that indicates what time each activity you have planned for the event is scheduled to happen so guests know where to be and when if they want to participate in any of them.

You can also post a list of basic etiquette rules for guests to follow that will help ensure that everyone has a good time. The idea is to decorate the outside of the dumpster you rent with colorful signs that will help guests successfully navigate the festivities and keep their mind off the dumpster itself.

Use it as a Stage Backdrop

If you plan to set up a stage for karaoke or so a live band can perform for your guests, consider setting it up in front of the dumpster and using the side that sits against the stage as a backdrop. You can use heavy-duty clips to connect a canvas tapestry along the outside wall of the of the dumpster before putting the wooden or metal stage up against it and setting the music or karaoke equipment up.

If you don't have a structure to use as a stage, you can put pallets down and top them with plywood to create a makeshift stage. Then decorate the tapestry with posters and banners to create a fun and entertaining stage area. Guests can use the other three sides of the dumpster to throw their stuff away.

Set up a Bathroom Area

If you'll be renting portable bathrooms to accommodate guests at your family reunion, consider setting them up in front of the dumpster so they become the focus as opposed to the garbage. Decorate the dumpster wall that you plan to put the porta-potties against with comics from newspapers to give the space a bathroom-like look and feel.

Even though the portable bathrooms won't completely camouflage your dumpster rental, they will help you keep all the "unpleasant" features of the event together in one area and keep guests from thinking about the garbage or restrooms as they enjoy the festivities of the reunion.

Feature the Kids' Artwork

If your family reunion is like most, there will be plenty of children to entertain throughout the day to ensure that they have fun while their parents have a chance to catch up with their extended family members. So, consider setting up an artwork table near the dumpster that features poster board, crayons, paints, stickers, and other accessories for decoration.

Being situated near the dumpster, you should find it easy to clean up after the kids. And you can use the exterior walls of the dumpster to show off all the artwork that the kids make. Just tape it to the walls for viewing throughout the event and let parents take their kids' art pieces home as they leave at the end of the day.

These ideas can be adapted in many ways to meet your specific needs and preferences. Spend some time making a list of additional ideas that can be used in combination with the ones here for optimal results when all is said and done. To learn more, visit resources like http://www.tri-statedisposal.com/.