How Removing Extra Trash Can Help Improve The Environment Around You

If you're a huge fan of auctions, rummage sales or just making sure you grab the best deals at your local grocery store, chances are you may have accumulated some extra things over the years. Now is the time to clean up, recycle and remove some of the things you're not using regularly. Here are a few ways that removing some extra trash in and around your home can improve your lifestyle and help the environment around which you live.

Safety Hazards

Sometimes having a lot of waste and debris inside of your home can prove to be a safety hazard. Debris in and around your kitchen and food storage can make it harder to remove old, outdated foodstuffs and keep the food prep area sanitary. This can lead to a higher risk of foodborne illness and germ contamination by eating outdated food or having food come in contact with unwanted garbage or debris. Some Illnesses you may be at risk for include the following:

  • Botulism
  • E.coli
  • Listeria
  • Norovirus
  • Salmonella

Having all of your rubbish, including old food items removed on a daily basis, will help reduce your risk of contracting an illness and keep your kitchen area safer.

Improve Structural Integrity

Having an excessive amount of boxes and items stacked up in your attic or on your porch can place more weight on your floors and walls. The result could be too much pressure leading to wall cracks and structural weakness. If a load bearing wall collapses because of extra weight, you could be facing extensive repairs and permanent damage to your home or outbuilding. Donating unused items can be an alternative to just throwing them into the dumpster. Your donation may be able to help someone else in need. 


Having bags of rubbish and garbage stored in your home or garage, can lead to more pressing issues than just a bad smell.

  • Insect infestations can easily occur, including cockroaches, millipedes and ants.
  • Flies that lay eggs in the garbage can cause their larvae to multiply quickly.
  • Rats and mice also love to indulge in rubbish and food scraps.  The result is an infestation that can destroy other parts of your home. 

Keeping bags full of garbage out of your home and disposing of them properly helps to keep your home and your neighborhood free of rodent and bug infestations.


Stacks of magazines, piles of old clothes and food wrappers that are out in the open or in the way of daily functioning can become a real eyesore. This depreciates the value of your home and living space. It can also be so severe that your local health inspector or city commission could possibly fine you and order you to dispose of it immediately.

Create a more safe, clean and welcoming living space by removing your rubbish and recyclables permanently. Contact your local rubbish removal company, like Half Price Rubbish Inc, to set up an appointment for removal today!