What To Consider Before Building A New Addition Onto Your Home

Before you can build a new addition onto your home, you must consider a few factors. By understanding these aspects, you can avoid some major issues that could develop over the coming years. 


One of the most important steps to take before building anything is to make sure the excavation is done properly. Removing the right amount of soil is essential for creating a solid base for the foundation.

When removing the soil, it is important to go below the frost line in your area. This line is where the moisture within the ground freezes. As the ground freezes, the resulting ice causes the soil to shift, which could in turn damage the new foundation of your addition if you do not remove enough soil during the excavation.

The problems start when the ground freezes and if your foundation is above the frost line, the ice will push it upwards. When this happens over the years, the foundation will shift slightly each time, which may cause it to crack.

To prevent this from happening, you need to find out where the frost line is in your area and have the excavation company (such as Catmandu Excavating & Bobcat Services) dig below that depth. This may mean you need to add more concrete to the foundation, but avoiding the damage from the ice is well worth the additional materials.


Ice is not your only moisture concern for your new addition. Rainwater can do just as much damage if you do not have proper irrigation around the new foundation. After the foundation is put into place, you want to install a French drain around it to help redirect any water within the soil.

A French drain is a system of long pipes with small holes on the top of them. The holes allow water into the pipe, which helps keep the moisture away from the foundation. The pipes are then angled to make sure the water flows away from your home.

Your home most likely already has a much larger version of this system. In some cases, the foundation company may be able to connect the new drains to your existing system. It is best to consult the company to determine the right configuration for the irrigation system. This system will give you the best method for reducing water damage to your foundation for years to come.

Before you can build the new addition you want, it is imperative to consider the depth of the foundation and the irrigation for it as well. By considering these aspects and planning for them, you can avoid a few issues that could damage the foundation of your addition in the future.