Portable Toilet Maintenance Tips For Job Sites

Restroom facilities can be hard to come by on an undeveloped job site. Whether you are working a crew in an oil field or putting up new construction in a rural area, the right type of portable restroom paired with proper maintenance and cleaning can save you headaches while also keeping your crew happy. The following tips can help.

#1: Choose the Right Unit

Standard outhouse style portable restrooms are sufficient for fair weather, short-term projects, but they aren't as well-suited for longterm projects or those that continue well into the winter months. For these, opt for a heated portable restroom trailer. These are usually equipped with running water and an integrated septic tank, so they feel more like a real restroom instead of a portable john. Since they are heated, freezing isn't a concern. The water system allows waste to be flushed into an enclosed holding tank instead of an exposed tank, so odor is also less of an issue.

#2: Schedule Regular Pick-Ups

A hydrovac truck, either from an outside company or provided by the restroom rental contractor, is necessary for emptying the portable restrooms. The truck has a hose that goes into the collection tank and sucks out the waste. The driver then replenishes any waste treatment chemicals that are necessary for the tank. How often they service the facilities depends on the average usage of the toilets and the outside temperature. Frequent emptying may be necessary in warm weather, even if the restroom isn't regularly, to keep down odors in a standard portable toilet. Trailer units with running water may be able to go several weeks if they aren't used regularly. Your hydrovac technician or toilet rental company can help you determine the best schedule for clean-outs based upon the size of your crew.

#3: Keep It Clean

A clean restroom is more pleasant to use, but work crews tramp in a lot of dirt as a natural part of the job. Fortunately, both heated units and outhouse-style units can simply be hosed down – just make sure you remove the toilet paper and paper towels first. Sweep out the units daily and hose them down as needed, drying the interior afterward. Check with the hydrovac or toilet rental company (such as Elite Waste Disposal) before using any type of cleaner, especially if it will drain into the waste tank. There may be specific types that you must use to avoid upsetting the microbial balance in the waste tank.